Responding To Healthcare Service Delivery In Grade IV And III Healthcare Centers Through Digital Mentorship.

Improvements in support systems for health services delivery are also very crucial and include: Effective approaches to improving health worker skills in primary care settings improved approaches to patient management (medical, surgical or lifestyle-based), better tracking of patient harm and mismanagement, sustainable approaches to health worker incentives, but also tools to improve accountability for health workers time and increasing patient feed-back and monitoring of quality of care, innovative approaches to sustainable financing of health care especially in un-banked populations and for input-intense medical procedures but also reducing cost-escalation and inefficiencies and innovative approaches to medical waste management.


    Redefining Mentorship In The Era Of Crisis

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    This system is aimed at strengthening mentorship in the health sector and also for sustainable human capital development by linking junior staffs (mentees) to senior staffs (mentors) for mentorship in healthcare to build sustainable human capital in the health sector. Mentors will be allocated mentees from different parts of the country for mentorship in skills, knowledge and character.